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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 6, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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inside the stadium. the best view of the olympic flame is from where you guys are in the bay area or any one watching tv. this is beautiful or so they tell us. 204 individual flames all representing the participating nations here at the olympics. it stands 25 feet high. it weighs thousands of pounds but once again, we can't see it. only the fans inside the stadium can see it leaving most of us in the dark. >> put it on the screen, put it somewhere that people can see it. it's so beautiful. it's a piece of art so get it out there and let's all see it. >> i think it's fantastic where it is now. brilliant. >> are you from london? >> i am. >> we know it's there, we don't need to see it. we know it's there. >> can we trust you? >> yes. i'm british. definitely. >> it's the spirit. it's not about the flame. it's about the spirit. >> reporter: yes. trust me, i'm british.
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apparently for 2016 in rio, they have said you know what, we're going to have the olympic flame so everyone can see it. for the controversial news. in the stadium behind me, one of the best events of the olympics, some say it is the marquee event, 100 meter race. one fan got out of control. this is dangerous. right before the race last night a fan in the stands threw a bottle right toward the olympians right at the start line. you see the bottle here. now apparently another olympian in the stands, a judo champion, tackled the fan soon after police arrested him. no word on what charges will be rung up on the fan. no one was injured. for the race itself, here we go. the fastest man on the planet. it is usain bolt, don't blink. 9.63 seconds, he dominated. back-to-back, 100 meter championships, usain bolt, the last person, the only other person to do that was carl lewis back in the 1980s.
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so a big day here in london. coming up ahead, two local athletes, shannon rowbury of san francisco, and the kerri walsh in the semifinals tomorrow in beach volleyball. that's going to do it for now. back to you. >> look forward to it. thank you. coming up tonight in prime time coverage on nbc, gold medal 9s in gymnastics and track and field. also you do not want to miss the beach volleyball quarter finals and all of that competition with our local star kerri walsh. for coverage of the games log on to if you scroll down to the london 2012 sexual findct 2012 section, the ad-on for the browser, click on olympic blocks olympic spoilers. >> new this morning look at this. we've got the first images beamed back to earth from the curiosity rover on mars. it landed last night after
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traveling more than 350 million miles. stephanie chuang joins us live from mountain view's nasa ames research center. a look at the bay area's role in the mission. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a huge role did nasa ames play in this mission. we're told an estimated 7,000 people came here last night just to watch it. we hear there was a dance party. someone here also was nasa ames research scientist michael sims, good morning. you have been part of the mars program for nasa for 25 years. can you put it into perspective what the landing means. >> it's great. not only exciting but scientifically we get to the place we want to be. we want to know what's happening on mars. and sort of symbolically, the first images you saw had a dust cover over them. once the dust cover was removed you could see clearly. that's what a mission gives us. >> ames played a huge role.
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there is the heat shield and this parachute for the seven minutes of landing. tell us about that. >> so we tested the parachute in our wind tunnel. we have the largest wind tunnel in the world so we put it inside and blew the wind tunnel enough to test the parachute that it would work. ames builds the material, creates the materials used to slow down, generate -- to manage the heat created by re-entry. >> reporter: wrapping this up, michael, $2.5 billion. some complained gosh, what does that do for us. you're saying this is where we want to go next to live, mars. >> absolutely. this is the best of humanity, this is the way, we spend our money on anything, on something like this that excites everybody around the world. there are lots of people around the world and gives us a future is really powerful. >> thank you so much, michael. we'll check in with michael before we wrap up on this show. but nasa will be putting the rover through some engineering tests, some rigorous tests for
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next week or perhaps month before it starts its mission. live at nasa ames in mountain view, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> developing news to tell you about in the shooting at a sikh temple in wisconsin. we've now confirmed the identity of the gunman and his ties to another mass shooting. marla tellez is in the newsroom with more on the man and a possible motive. good morning. >> good morning. nbc news reports the gunman is 40-year-old wade michael page. authorities telling nbc he purchase add pistol he used in sunday's shooting within the past ten days near his home in a milwaukee suburb. and that home is in fact where authorities are focusing their investigation this morning. page is described as a tall, bald, white man, official say he could be a white supremacist. he is said to have ties to the u.s. military. authorities say he walked into the temple sunday morning and opened fire. seven people were killed and that does include the gunman
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shot and killed by a police officer. we just got an update on three more people also shot yesterday. they are still listed in critical condition today. one of them is the officer who first approached the shooter. another is a relative of a bay area man who belonged to a sikh temple in san jose, members there telling us they are horrified. >> despite having nearly a million sikh in this country, here almost 100 years that we still struggle to prove who we are and that somebody could go into a place of peace that they could pick that spot to do something so bad is shocking. >> reporter: overseas demonstrations are under way this morning across india. this video here just in to our newsroom showing protesters shouting out of outrage as they condemn the attack. we're two hours away from getting an update from police and the fbi who are set to hold a press conference at 8:00 this
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morning. jon. >> thank you very much. >> let's get updated when it comes to the forecast. a hot week, right? >> yeah. in fact -- >> you know what, we can't hear you. we're going to figure out what's going on. it's the hottest week so far. >> it is going to be the hottest. it will be the hottest week so far this summer. good morning to you. thanks for waking up with us. temperatures not hot today, not too hot tomorrow and then it heats up cranking that heat through wednesday, thursday, friday. 60 degrees in sunnyvale, 57 in san francisco, same goes for novato and 56 up in santa rosa. what that means is as we heat up inland the best part of the bay area, all of the micro climates, you add 30 miles to the west and temperatures drop. 73 degrees at 4:00 today. by thursday we're talking about the 80s down in santa cruz so it's going to get better when it comes to beach conditions.
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however, that means we're going to heat up inland. triple digits, near-record heat and many days, five to six, of that warmth so make sure you're ready for that. if you work outdoors, wives, make sure your husband grabs that water bottle. today, 92 at 4:00, 78 bay side and 68 degrees at the coast. coming up amazing video to show you. if you were out at the festival this weekend mike inouye had a great time. he's checking the drive. >> in fremont it's fine but further north in the east bay this is the major accident we continue to follow. two bigs reportedly involved and a sedan, sounds like it's wedged under one of the rigs. founds like a fire crew is on the scene cutting somebody out of the car. major slowing. we have it looks like one lane open 238 but you can see from
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the map avoid this area. heading to the maze, take westbound 580. if you are heading south on 880, then take redwood road. very unexpected for this monday. back to you. >> breaking news in sacramento where two warehouses are on fire. look at all of the smoke billowing. there is between 120 and 135 firefighters on the scene. it has been so massive. the buildings are said to be large, 40,000 and 60 square foot buildings each. no injuries have been reported so far. i did mention it's a warehouse fire, it sparked around 2:00 this morning. a lot of hot spots to contend with there out of sacramento. >> we'll stay on top of that. it's now 6:11. coming up, pets for panhandlers.
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hours from implementing a controversial plan.
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>> 6:14ment time for a check on the top stories. nasa celebrating the successful landing of its mars rover. that is curiosity. a number of the systems were develop and tested at nasa ames in mountain view. the scientists hoping the mission will help them find signs of life on the red planet. >> eight people including two infants are recovering from a serious car crash on highway 4 in pittsburg. the chp says the car somehow left the road, rolling over several times. luckily no one was killed but one of the babies was air lifted to the hospital. >> brace yourselves for a slower commute on the benicia bridge this week. caltrans shutting down several lanes as workers install a new
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automated toll collection system. the work will happen every morning until noon through friday. >> some think it's genius, others crazy, a controversial plan to pair shelter dogs with ex-panhandlers. christie smith is live in san francisco with reaction to this. >> reporter: good morning. you ask people in san francisco what are the top problems here and they put homelessness at the top of the list. so, what's happening is this program aims to curb aggressive pan handling, pairing homeless people with puppies who need a home. there is a catch to all of this, that is that those people involved with this would have to agree not to ask for change on the street and get into a city-funded living program going on here. and then they get a little cash and help to pay for these dogs. the applicants are screened to make sure they argood fit to care for a dog under the whoof
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program, that's for wonderful opportunities for occupants and fidos. the group peta, though, they don't like this. they offered the city about $10,000 to try to find an alternative thing, like playing russian roulette with a dog. the city is going to try it anyway. >> whether it's people who are poor, homeless, people who are panhandling, they are people and we have to engage, what are the the needs that they have and how can we address them. pushing people around has not shown a lot of success in my opinion. >> reporter: the program starts this afternoon with ten caregivers. again they get the training first that includes learning new job skills. they get up to $75 a week that will help pay for the dog t food is provided. for animal control and care here in san francisco, last year about 500 dogs were brought in that need homes. certainly for them this is a great idea. i got off the phone with the
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director rebecca katz and she's going to check in with us live in about 15 minutes. that's the latest. in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> back to the excitement, the drama, the pageantry, back to the london 2012 olympic games. headed into day ten. >> a live look at london where it is there in the afternoon, that's why we're able to check in with "today in the bay's" raj mathai live this morning. you just talked to one of the bay area's golden girls, in fact. >> reporter: i did. i don't know how you do this but i'm staying up late and waking up early, you guys do this every morning, don't you. it's taxing. >> it's called caffeine. hot java. >> got to love what you do. sleep is overrated. >> really? okay. >> reporter: it's the olympic schedule. i think a lot of people are feeling this. staying up late watching the excitement, waking up early. for so many years natalie
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coughlin was the real deal in swimming. she is. we have to make room for dana vollmer, three gold medals in london, including two world records. she, too, is a cal grad. she's all bay area now. here in london amazing sights we've had with her in the last week or so. with her family, celebrating the real moments of winning a gold medal. not just the hype but behind the scenes with her loved ones. we chatted with her earlier this morning. >> think about the team that we had and my own expectations of my performances, it was definitely what i wanted to do, but when you're there and you're competing and then you have a gold medal placed around your neck, even one is a crazy experience. to think about now that i have three, i don't think it's sunk in. >> you got all three of them. >> figured why not. >> i need to focus. three medals. can you tell us what the plan is. go back to the east bay, where
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are you going to put them? >> i don't even know yet. >> reporter: dana vollmer excited about her three gold medals. now we're transitioning into track and field and the big story last night and still is today from the front page of the london times, the rocket man, usain bolt does it again in olympic record time. 9.63 seconds. when you're that good you get a double cover. how about that t the times of london. our coverage continues later on this morning. back to you. >> very cool. thanks so much. we'll check back with you. >> you sane sbolt usain bolt is phenomenal. >> how are we looking out there? >> usually takes me 30 seconds to get to the weather wall. that's extremely impressive. and yes, how amazing to have these live interviews. you never know what you'll get on "today in the bay" when you
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wake up. a live look at the bay bridge. mostly cloudy conditions here. that marine layer is thick this morning. about 2,500 feet. for us what that means is it's going to take a while to get out of the clouds by the coast into the bay. week got a full deck of low clouds. even mostly cloudy to start in san jose. partly cloudy from concord to livermore to fairfield. that's where it's the hottest today. 58 to start out in san jose. 60 in sunnyvale, 57 in san francisco. nice cool weekend courtesy of a dip in the jet stream. high pressure rebuilds and this is a strong ridge of high pressure. this is going to bring in the warmest stretch of weather that we've had so far all summer long. this is typically the hottest point of the sum sore it's not too far out of the realm of what we normally expect. however, it's going to be hot. talking about near records you need make sure you're staying aware of that forecast.
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heat exhaustion will be likely toward the end of the week. coastal fog, once that burns off at noon, beautiful conditions at the beach. pacifica 67 degrees there, about 68 degrees in half moon bay. santa cruz, we're talking about 70 degrees in the heat of the day. that changes over to 80 as we head through thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, even monday holding on to much warmer than average temperatures. 92 in livermore is already above average. we typically see 88 degrees this time of year. come thursday, friday, saturday, look where we're headed. upper 90s. triple-digit heat in the warmest cities across the bay. the heat does not break even into next week. make sure your ac is ready to go. if you don't have one might be a good time to invest. before you head out the door work for the money, mike inouye know what is the drive holds. >> good morning. we'll take you out to the maps and see what's going on. getting this set up.
6:20 am
the east bay hooks all right. the build down the east shore freeway standard. but then this major injury accident, coming into san lorenzo. causing all of this backup. 238 a couple of lanes wide. now down to one lane northbound. folks heading to oakland use westbound 580, so far holding up toward the limit. it's here if you head down red wood road, getting a lot more crowded as folks try to avoid th sigalert. no update when they expect to open it so still one lane there. south bay starting to bog down, northbound 101 north of the 680/280 interchange. crowded up there as well. there you go, slow on the metering lights are on. the bay bridge, we'll see that the backup starting in all of the lanes as the metering lights are turned on. this is an easy build off of the berk hi curve.
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back to you. >> easy because you're not in it. thank you. it's 6:22. southwest airlines giving refunds to customers accidentally billed multiple times for a single flight. the airlines' effort by offering a half price sale back fired. one passenger was billed for 20 flights. southwest will pay any banking overdraft fees caused by the additional charges. >> trying to do something nice. it's going to cost you. 6:23. a major runner-up for the boy scouts of america. >> how safe are your kids at school? crime going unreported on bay area campuses.
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>> breaking news to tell you about out of sacramento. a pair of warehouses on fire at this hour. you can see the smoke and the flames bursting at that scene between 120 and 130 firefighters are there trying to put this out. the buildings we're told are 40,000 feet and 60,000 feet, square feet that is, respectively. the fire still going on up there. no injuries reported so far. this sparked at about 2:00 this morning. we'll keep you posted on the information as it continues to come in. >> keeping our eye on that. as well as parents you want to know your kids are safe when they are at school. >> but the investigative unit
6:25 am
discovered crimes on campus that you never hear about. why some crimes in the bay area schools are not tracked by the state. >> we found a system set up to determine which schools here in california are dangerous, as letting some serious crimes slip through the cracks. the district doesn't have specifics about an attempted murder that happened at school? >> that type of information is not necessarily something we make publicly available. >> chilling crimes at bay area schools. none reported to the state. because administrators didn't have to. >> a student was almost murdered at school. no need to tell parents about that. >> we really rely on our school staff to make the best judgments possible. >> in this case, the student was never expelled. according to the district, his family asked the board of education not to. the district says he was in juvenile hall. schools are required to report suspensions and expulsions.
6:26 am
it's mandated by the no child left behind act to keep tabs on which schools are dangerous. since the student wasn't expelled it wasn't reported. >> if you don't have a clue of what the problem is, you haven't tracked anything it's going to be hard to fix the issue. >> we found another issue. students caught with drugs and police never told about it. >> the system is currently flawed. a lot of different ways. >> tonight after the olympics, we show you the crimes some districts are not reporting, and what administrators had to say. plus we'll show you why the state system that tracks dangerous schools isn't painting an accurate picture of what's really happening on campus. >> thank you very much. time 6:28. history was made millions of miles from earth overnight. nasa scientists and engineers landing the rover on the surface of mars. live from the jet propulsion lab ra torrey.
6:27 am
>> the home that was gone in the blink of an eye. my high school science teacher made me what i am today. our science teacher helped us build it. ♪ now i'm a geologist at chevron, and i get to help science teachers. it has four servo motors and a wireless microcontroller. over the last three years we've put nearly 100 million dollars into american education. that's thousands of kids learning to love science. ♪ isn't that cool? and that's pretty cool. ♪
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>> welcome back. a live picture over the bay bridge. immediated for a hot day, 90s inland, 60s and 70s at the coast. hotter days ahead. we'll take you through your full forecast. >> a live look at the bay bridge. a horrible commute out of castro valley. we'll show you the sigalert and the impact coming up. >> good monday morning. 6:31. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley. nasa's most advanced mars rover on the surface of the red planet. jay gray joins us live from pasadena with more on the initial reaction by nasa scientists. a huge day for nasa. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. and what a morning at the jet propulsion laboratory.
6:30 am
curiosity pushing the bounds of not only science and technology but the dreams of so many scientists and engineers here as the rover now opens a new chapter in american space exploration. after more than eight months traveling more than 350 million miles through space, curiosity reached the atmosphere of the red planet. >> it has started guided entry. >> reporter: it was unprecedented high risk landing, the team called seven minutes ever terror. >> hey, guys. >> reporter: computers controlled the descent, slowing the craft from 13,000 miles an hour to zero in that crucial seven-minute window. animation playing out what the data seemed to confirm. >> standing by. >> reporter: and just after 10:30 pacific time, 1:30 in the morning eastern. >> touchdown. >> the cheers spilling over into
6:31 am
tears for scientists and engineers in mission control, many who had spent their entire lives tar getting this moment. >> the most sophisticated rover is now on the surface of the red planet where it will seek to answer age old questions whether life ever existed on mars or if the planet can sustain life in the future. >> reporter: history defined by high resolution images from the surface of the red planet minutes after landing. a thumbnail picture of the surface and back wheel of the rover, next shadowy outline of curiosity. it's the most technologically advanced lab launched, a $2.5 billion vehicle the size of an suv that begins a two-year search for carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and other elements necessary for life. while breathing new life into the future of american space
6:32 am
exploration. >> the excitement over the rover is something say is much needed after the end of the shuttle program. curiosity now the vehicle nasa hopes will help them reclaim the lead in the space race. jay gray, nbc bay area news. >> jay gray, thank you. curiosity rover landing taking a total team effort. look at the party here. this is an effort from nasa across the board. scientists and engineers at mountain view's nasa ames center playing a big role in this mission. coming up in 15 minutes we'll go live for an update on what we are learning. >> a lot of excitement there. >> mixed reaction to this a pilot program that begins today that pays panhandlers to rescue dogs from shelters. it's called whoof. rebecca katz is with the animal care and control center, she joins us to talk more about this
6:33 am
program. it's very unique, innovative. very san francisco. tell us how it works. >> thanks for having me on, laura. it's a program for people who are formerly homeless who are now living in supportive housing and are looking for an opportunity to give back to the community. we have a huge influx of dogs into the shelter after the economic downturn and it's an opportunity for some of the dogs that need extra time and socialization. owe bed yens training to get that. >> the people are screened and eventually the dogs can be adopted? >> that's our intention. these are dogs that need extra time to be socialized, comfortable with people or maybe who need a little obedience training and until they can become available for adoption. >> these are not some of the panhandlers you see on the streets with an animal but trying to get their lives back in order and living in some kind of shelter. >> they are living in housing
6:34 am
actually. in apartments through community housing partnership and have been through some job training. the dogs action we know that the human animal bond, they are socially engaged. they want to give back and help. it's good for the people, it's good for the dogs. >> they are going to live with the animals as well. >> yes. they might have the opportunity to adopt. the community housing partnership allows each tenant to have one animal in their unit so they may adopt these dogs. >> not only gain a friend but gaining, but they get money in exchange. >> they do. we're giving them a small stipend. it's a labor intensive program. they attend training sessions three times per week to learn how to work with the dog. we have a certified professional dog trainer who is our program director. she will teach them how to work
6:35 am
with the dog and address whatever issues each dog may have. >> we'll be curious to see how the program works. >> it's 6:36 now. there is another shake-up to tell you about for the boy scouts of america. some internal documents revealing more than 100 cases of alleged repeat child abuse. the "l.a. times" reporting pred terse often stayed in the organization after officials were told about possible sexual misconduct. it found suspected abusers moved from troop to troop either due to error for the scout's failure to check its black list. it regrets at times its best effort to protect children were insufficient. >> time to check that forecast with meteorologist christina loren. the heat is coming. >> it is. it's going to be a hot week. good morning to you.
6:36 am
starting with this live look. not too bad today or tomorrow. this is the reason why. mostly cloudy conditions. the sun will break through quickly, though temperatures are comfortable to start. we're in the 50s. a couple of 60s in sunnyvale. 56 in santa rosa. low clouds right at 8:00, still dealing with a pair amount of cloud cover from oakland to san francisco. at that point east and south bay will be clear. by noon you're going to get clearing by the water so a great beach day between the hours of noon and 5 lock. as we head throughout the week, those conditions get even better as you get hotter. the forecast, not too shabby. the coolest of the week. have your full forecast coming up. mike, how's the traffic alert. >> this is a major accident. chp changed classification, it's a deadly accident.
6:37 am
here is our chopper over the scene. that red debris, that's an entire car. there are reports of a car wedged under one of the big rigs. fire crews on the scene. this is what you have to sleeve through. we follow the human tragedy. my focus is the backup out of the castro valley area. that's what you're looking at. on the backup you'll see folks going back to 580. we'll stay with this live shot. i want to show you the extent. this is telling the story, back from eden canyon, if you can kay void that, b.a.r.t. is a great opening. the roads, that's your only major highway making the connecti connection. >> still ahead, cracks in the regime a. top serian.
6:38 am
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>> a jordanian government official says a prime minister defected to jordan. he is the highest to defect during the uprising. a bomb ripping through the third floor of the headquarters of syrian's state tv in damascus,
6:41 am
at least three employees were hurt. despite the attack t station actually remained on air. so far no group has claimed responsibility for the blast. >> 6:42. india, flash floods and mudslides killed at least 26 people. the heavy rain has destroyed hundreds of homes in mountainous northern india including a two-story home. look at it disappear. rain eroded the foundation under the home causing it to tumble down the cliff. officials say more than 2,000 people are now staying in reheef camps. india's monsoon season runs june to september.
6:42 am
6:43 am
>> welcome back. we take you live over the pond.
6:44 am
the 2012 olympic games in london. it has been spectacular. michael phelps, lochte, gab e all sorts ever things and it's day 10 of competition going on. let's get it back to raj mathai. >> you say runs into the record books again. not before drama on the track involving a drunk fan. >> reporter: yeah, that drunk fan is in a british jail. we'll find out what happens with him. this was a big ticket event. two million people applied for tickets to this one owe vent. the 100 meter, only 80,000 were lucky enough. 2 million applied. one fan who took it too far. let's show you some of the still pictures from inside the stadium. thankfully no one was hurt. a guy threw a bottle right toward the olympians at the startline before they went -- before that race began he was arrested and taken away.
6:45 am
we'll find out later this afternoon what kind of charges they will bring. for the race, picture perfect for usain bolt. amazing. defended his 100 meter title. gold medal in beijing and a gold here in london. 9.63 seconds, the only other man to defend that 100-meter title as the fastest in the world was carl lewis in the 1980s. he does that little pose. it's a contagious pose. all around the world and london. people are busting a move. prince harry doing it. how about the fierce five. team usa gymnastics and some of the london bobbies. everyone getting into the act. from the national star t international star to our bay area star, dana vollmer, a lot of type goes to natalie coughlin. dana, three gold medals and
6:46 am
after every gold medal, her hugging her family which is the most touching part. dana is a cal grad, lives and trains in the east bay. she joined us earlier with her three golds. >> when i kind of think about the team that we had and my own expectations of my performances, it was what i wanted to do but then when you're there and you're competing and then you have a gold medal around your neck, even to get one is such a crazy experience and to think about now that i have three, i don't think it's sunk in. >> you have all three of them here. >> figured why not. >> i need to focus here. you have three medals. can you tell us what the plan is. you go back to the east bay and where are you going to but it, them i should say. >> i don't even know yet. >> reporter: okay. very nice. we don't know where she'll put it but nice to have her and her family throughout this last few days here. the only trick, laura, we said
6:47 am
earlier, it's difficult. she is about 6'1" with her heels about 6'5" so interviewing her is a laura garcia-cannon challenge. >> exactly. some of theest interviews. thanks a lot, raj. a lot of fun. some great names, too. >> we need to get raj some stiletto heels. >> how are we going to pull out this forecast. coming up a nice week. you were involved in the fremont festival of the arts. >> mike inouye and myself, it's so awesome. we get a chance to meet you guys. loyal viewers who wake up with us. we love waking up with you. when we get to meet you it's more special so let's get to the video this morning. mike inouye has a traffic alert. stick around. this is the fremont festival of the arts. nbc bay area a proud sponsor. we gave people a chance to come out, take an olympic picture. like i said, you guys, we are so
6:48 am
lucky to have some of the most amazing viewers in the bay area. so i'll tell you all about all the fun stuff coming up in the commercial break. let's get to your forecast. a good looking day shaping up. it's going to be hot even in san francisco as we head through the end of the week. the hottest stretch of weather of the summer so far is just around the corner. 55 degree, i'll show you the seven-day. 57 in san francisco. 55 in concord and livermore. 61 in sunnyvale. throughout the day it's going to get hot quickly. strong high pressure moves in. this is what brought in all of the cloud cover, the monsoonal moisture was wrapping around the ridge over the week, now for today it's going to bring the heat so we're talking about the 90s, 5 to 8 degrees, warmer today than it was yesterday. tomorrow will be just about as warm and then we heat you up wednesday through monday. 82 in san jose today. look at the seven-day forecast. this is where it gets a little tricky if you work outdoors we have been luck sew far this
6:49 am
summer. hasn't been too hot. a cooler than average summer. everything changes. you'll feel the heat. 97 by wednesday. 99 thursday. staying hot all weekend long. so that means you want to make those beach plans. before you head out the door, mike as an area that could slow you down. what's going on out there? >> it's northbound 238 off of the castro valley "y." the accident happened over an hour ago. the coroner has been called to the scene. this is a deadly accident. until the coroner gets there they cannot remove what remains. that will cause slowing. you're down to one lane and getting on the shoulder as you travel northbound. so this causes all of this backup. back to eden canyon for westbound 580. b.a.r.t., if you considered it take that because that's the only way to get through, the only major highway surface streets being more flow of traffic as well. >> that's about it for the worst
6:50 am
of the backup. we'll show you that the eastbound direction is clear. here is westbound all the way over to 238 northbound, i'm getting out of your way. we'll end with the slide of san jose. you see the lighter volume through the area. i'll show that next. there is the backup for 580. >> a big mess. 6:52. for the seventh time nasa landed a spacecraft on mars. scientists are poring over the data. stephanie chuang is live in mountain view where workers are sharing in certainly celebrating that success. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a huge success, a huge celebration. we're hearing that 7,000 people pack the field here just to watch live broadcasts of mission control. they were so excited we hear they started answering. someone who was there, michael sims, a research scientist. can you tell us how ames played
6:51 am
a role? >> yes so. we built this x-ray instrument to measure the chemistry t best we have done on a planetary surface. we have software that allows you to do planning but also that creates virtual reality models and allows the team to fly around the terrain. >> reporter: also the parachute. tell us about that. >> so we had both parachute and heat shields tested and the heat shields were developed here. >> that's what got curiosity on mars. appreciate you spending this morning with us. history in the making and curiosity will undergo rigorous engineering. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> new details to tell you about from the mass shooting at a sikh temple in milwaukee. we're learning the name of the man police say opened fire on
6:52 am
worshipers in wisconsin, killing six. marla tellez is live in the newsroom with the identity and marla we're hearing clues as to a possible motive. >> good morning. several more details for you t shooter identified as 40-year-old wade michael page. nbc news reports he served in the army from 1992 to 1998. a defense official says he was discharged after being demoted from sergeant to specialist but he gave no reason why. we're also learning according to the southern poverty law center page is the leader of a group called end ap 0 the. the home is part of the fbi investigation today. agents searching for any evidence that could explain what provoked him to open fire in that temple in oak creek, wisconsin. six people were killed before an officer took down page who was pronounced dead at the scene. three more members including the
6:53 am
first officer who approached the gunman remained in critical condition. the sikh community is outraged including those in the bay area. >> was this a mad man? was ina guy who slip? did he hate us for our appearance? >> despite having nearly a million sikh in this country, being here almost 100 years that we still struggle to prove who we are. >> that woman there is a member of the sikh temple in san jose which is believed to be the largest outside of india. members telling us they are often mistaken for muslims and since 9/11 that has been tougher. michael page of state of wisconsin the man named in sunday's sikh shooting. we expect to learn more about him at 8:00 this morning when police and the fbi are expected to hold a press conference. >> thank you for the update in. 6:55. some say it's a win-win for shelter dogs and former
6:54 am
panhandlers. christie smith is live with more on the plan to help two groups down on their luck. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we heard from the director of animal care and control and says this program may not be what people think but it's a great opportunity to social eyes dog and help formerly homeless people, they are off the street, in city funded housing. it starts today, runs seven weeks, ten people, five dogs. a formerly homeless get job training, prescreened, and they have a chance when this is over to adopt the dogs as their own. they also get about $75 a week to help care for the dog, it is paid for with a $10,000 donation. i ask what happened at the end of the program and they are still looking for funding to try to continue it. reporting live, christie smith,
6:55 am
"today in the bay." >> eight people including two infants recovering from a serious crash on an east bay highway. it happened on eastbound highway 4 east of railroad avenue. one car carrying all eight victims rolled off the road onto the right hand shoulder. all of the victims were conscious and have injuries ranking from cuts and scrapes to back pain. one child was air lifted to san jose's children's hospital. >> to answer charges of allegedly running a ponzi scheme. jill silvey charged with recruiting investors to bail out homeowners with loans without the homeowner's knowledge. saying silvey bilked the people, then used the money to fund a lavish lifestyle. >> going to get warm this week. want to check the forecast with
6:56 am
christina. >> let's take you to your forecast, show you how the day will progress. 78 degrees at noon inland. it's going to be too hot for outdoor activities between noon and 4:00 p.m. you'll have all day to do so at the coast. 63 at noon. up to 68 degrees in the heat of the day. and bay side 78 degrees in place likes oakland. speaking of which mike has a traffic alert in the east bay you need to know about. let's check on that. >> we'll start with these live chopper pictures. this is 238 before you get to the 880 interchange. remains of the vehicle after a deadly accident scene. still have the investigation and the cleanup and only one lane getting by. the map shows you the backup from eden canyon all the way over red. consider an alternate or telecommuting or b.a.r.t.
6:57 am
if you take jackson you're met with this backup. there is a stall, a disabled vehicle causing a backup. we end with a live look at san jose. back to you. >> tough commute. thank you, mike. >> a final check of the stories throughout the day, sacramento firefighters getting an upper hand on a fire that ripped through two warehouses. this took several hours to get it under control. no word on what caused that fire. >> san francisco is set to launch a program that will pair shelter dogs with former homeless people. 10 people will be paid $75 a week to care for the dogs if they agree to give up panhandling. >> celebrating, they are sharing in the success and the celebration. $2.6 billion mission will look for signs of life on the red planet.
6:58 am
takes nine months to get there. safe to say mission accomplished. >> we leave with you a live look at london this morning. we're proud to be your summer olympics station. good mor good what was his motive? investigators searched the apartment of the suspect in the killing of six people at a sikh temple in wisconsin. a man who was then killed by police. this morning new details about the tragedy, the gunman, and his military past. touchdown on mars. nasa's curiosity rover lands overnight. we'll show you the first photos beamed back to earth from 150 million miles away. and electrifying. jamaican sprinter usain bolt sets a new olympic record hanging on to his title as the world's fastest man. >> usain bolt explodes, and he's still the king of the 100.
6:59 am
sanya richards-ross wins team usa first gold in 400 meters in 28 years. from speed on the track to speed in the pool, world record breaker missy franklin is going home with five medals, four of those gold. she's with us live today monday august 6th, 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today" at the olympic games with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from olympic park in london, england. and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" in olympic park in london on a monday morning. i'm matt lauer.


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